About Shelley…

Shelley Mcdonald ArtistFrom her earliest childhood memories, Shelley was always expressing herself in creative ways yet for many years did not connect it to art making. She spent many years working on the periphery of creative industries from advertising to film making although always in a strategic or management role. Culminating in running her own advertising agency and working as a creative director, it wasn’t until the birth of her first child that she finally allowed herself permission to pursue an authentic artistic career.

A collage workshop was the catalyst for this and once she had discovered her inner glue stick, her creative journey really took off. After studying Visual Art and undertaking a Fine Art Degree, Shelley now teaches in her own studio and facilitates creative workshops for novices and established artists which allows her the opportunity to share her knowledge and offer inspiration to others that are searching for their own creative style.

Shelley describes her art style as “Bricolage” (a fabulous French term which means ‘spontaneous creativity’ and a willingness to use and make do with whatever materials you happen to come across). Shelley is passionate about teaching creativity which she believes is a skill we all have and one that can be well and truly developed! Not one to stick with a solo medium, Shelley believes the creative process is the focus and not always the end product which has resulted in an eclectic base of works and skills.

Currently working on a Creativity Guide with the aim of publishing in 2015, “Practicing Creativity Without a Licence” will show you how to access your innate creativity and develop it through powerful art based exercises and projects! Shelley believes everyone is creative and with the right tools – even the most left brain amongst us can create magic!!!

Shelley is also a founder of The Creative Activists. Click here to read more.