Attention Tight Painters or those that think they cant paint..

263461_10151522839424377_1904119274_nThis one day workshop was designed especially for people that need loosening up in their approach to painting. This is a great unlearning exercise….. if you suffer from overthinking your work, not sure how to start, or are connected to the outcome before you even begin, then this workshop is for you…!  In this fast and furious session, you will create a large format painting in only a few hours!  The focus is on letting go of detail, working fast and furiously with BIG brushes, a limited colour palette, black gesso and chalk – the aim of the day is to encourage BIG PICTURE thinking, release control and detail and access a gestural style of applying paint to canvas…..

Frida Kahlo produced some sumptuous still life paintings depicting a colourful array of flowers, fruits and small objet d’art. In this one day workshop we will create our own version of a Frida inspired still life painting drawing  from a smorgasboard of colour….. get in touch to secure your place. $95 per person. We have three places left for Friday 13th, 2016.

frida still life