The Quirky works of Robbie Walls..

The Quirky works of Robbie Walls..


I’d like to let you in on a little secret… one of my guilty pleasures is to write about the artists that congregate each week at the Creatology Studio…. I get such a buzz when I sit down and devote an hour or so to really thinking about what I want to say about them….. i don’t just churn out a few words… i really think about the person behind the work as well as the work itself – because I don’t really believe that you can separate the artist from her work. I devote serious thinking time about what makes this person unique. Every one of them is an absolute one of a kind so I’m always up to the challenge but mindful that I want to do them justice. So without further waffle, let me tell you about the delightfully quirky Robbie Walls. She’s funny, very humble, and she is a massive animal lover (dogs in particular – she brings our studio dogs a treat each week) and she breezes in here each Wednesday looking like she just stepped out of a fashion catalogue – in her own quirky colourful Robbie style, usually with colourful matching glasses… reminiscent of a much younger Iris Apfel!    Robbie has been with the Creatology Studio for almost 2 years but she has always been creative. Originally training in graphic art, Robbie went into nursing and eventually worked as a medical receptionist. Like so many of our other artists, she is rediscovering her love of art after bringing up children and slowing down with her career…. Using Art as a form of therapy, Robbie has rediscovered her love for painting and uses mostly acrylic and with the occasional bit of collage thrown into the mix.  Robbie loves to paint on repurposed board and pulls from a variety of sources for her inspiration – a snippet from the newspaper or

“The Lady in the Bath” 2017 46x61cm Acrylic on board unframed $200

magazine, Robbie only needs to spy a photo of an animal which then sparks her imagination and she creates a story on canvas. An animal lover, she has two dogs of her own – their names are “Billy willy wally wops” (I kid you not) and “Pippy Poopy Puppy”. I think it’s her love of animals that sees her choose them as the subject matter for so many of her works. Robbie’s favourite quote is “Every cloud has a silver lining” which to me, sums up Robbie’s bubbly bright and positive personality perfectly. Robbie is currently working towards her first solo exhibition, as yet untitled, but all involve dogs and cats, sometimes sheep, even a giraffe has snuck in there, in various situations or settings. Robbie’s style falls into the naïve category but with a strong graphic and illustrative element. Each of her paintings tells a story without the need for an explanation, her works are as quirky as she is. Robbie’s love of repetitive patterns and bright colours also weave their way into each of her artworks. In anticipation of her first exhibition, I will feature examples of her works on board (sold unframed) which are available for pre-sale. If you are interested in any of the following works, feel free to get in touch with the studio.  I will post details of her Brisbane exhibition soon.

“Cows at the Homestead” 2017 46x37cm Acrylic on board unframed $175

“Blossom Trees” 2017 31x46cm Acrylic on board unframed $150

“Yoga in the Park” 2017. 46x37cm Acrylic on board unframed $175

“Girls day out” 2017 46x61cm Acrylic on board unframed $200

“Morning Jog” 2017 40x60cm Acrylic on Board unframed $200

“Abandoned Railway Bridge” 2017 46x37cm Acrylic on Board unframed $175

“Two white dogs” 2017 40x60cm Acrylic on board unframed $200

“Celebration” 2017 Acrylic on board unframed POA

“Big dog on Bed” 2017 46x37cm Acrylic on Board unframed  $175

“I Love my Dogs” 2017 60x40cm Acrylic on Board unframed $200


“A Day at the Beach” 2017 46x37cm Acrylic on Board unframed $175

“Family Day” 2017 35x60cm Acrylic on Board unframed $200

“Midnight Feast” 2017 46x37cm Acrylic on board unframed $175