School holiday creative sessions for Mums, Grandmas and little ones….

School holiday creative sessions for Mums, Grandmas and little ones….

Ahhhh school holidays – some look forward to them  – others dread them.  I’m firmly in the latter department –  they just seemed to come around so quickly and i was always caught a little unawares and terribly disorganised…. so with that in mind,  I thought I would make the last two “For the Love of Frida” workshops accessible for the kids these school holidays – especially for pre and early teens to accompany Mum or Grandma…  I think these two workshops really lend themselves to a mum/daughter/son or Grandparent/grandchild session…. I am restricting the age of the children however to 10 + because these are 5 hour workshops and most kids I know would be climbing the walls after two!

two dollsThe first workshop running on Saturday 24th September is Art Dolls – in the style of Frida Kahlo or Day of the Dead inspired – Day of the Dead or ” Día de Muertos” is a Mexican celebration of those that have departed – it is colourful and joyous festival and whilst to those of us in the West are not used to seeing death celebrated in this way, its a refreshing take on the subject and fabulous as inspiration for artworks! Your blank cloth doll will be supplied and we will paint, glue and embellish and adorn the doll with ribbon, trim, and personal momentos – you will end up with a magnificent and highly personalised mixed media art doll!

In keeping with our Day of the Dead theme, on October 8th is the “Sugar Skulls” workshop – we will be using collage as our base and creating a brightly decorated skull on canvas using flowers and other interesting paper based objects to adorn our sugar skull.

The majority of materials will be supplied for these two workshops – so you don’t need to bring the kitchen sink with you… but do get in quick so you don’t miss out – My co creator Samadhi Hart and I look forward to seeing you thrse school holidays!

For more info or to book in for one of these workshops click here.